• 1. Consultation
  • 2. Dressing and injections
  • 3. Family Planning
  • 4. Minor Surgery

For major cases, we refer the patient to County Hospital, Kiambu Level IV Subcounty Hospital

Opening Hours
  • Monday - Friday :
    8.00 am - 6.00 pm
  • Monday - Saturday :
    past 6: Emergency
  • Sunday :
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Kist clinic opened its doors as a level II outpatient clinic to provide quality health care to students, and have since then improved to include staff and visitors who come to KIST. Our services began as the vision of the institute management recognized the need of providing health care to its students, staff and visitors at a small fee, where students’ pay medical fee and the others as individuals depending on the services rendered.

We are a dedicated team under DEAN’S OFFICE to ensure Students’ Welfare. Our objective or goal is to provide quality, affordable, timely and accessible health care to KIST community. We are looking forward to making our clinic bigger and better as the Institute grows in order to offer more services as need arises.

Our Services

  • Consultation
  • Dressing and injections
  • Family Planning
  • Minor Surgery

These services are offered on weekdays excluding public holidays and weekends unless on special occasions or emergencies.