The department of Applied sciences started as a servicing department, then called Mathematics and science in 1985. Its mandate then was to service other departments in these areas.

Later the B.O.G challenged the department to start courses in applied sciences and in 2001, the department admitted the first students in certificate in science laboratory technology (SLT).

The department offers both Diploma and Certificate courses.

Diploma Programmes

Diploma courses prepare the trainee to acquire knowledge and skills to enable him /her understand the role of science, research and innovations in their areas of specializations as well as equip them to work in industries and research institutions.

By the end of the training, the trainee(s) should be able to:

  • Understand the role of science, research and innovations in the world today.
  • Acquire supervisory skills.
  • Use scientific skills and research to overcome problems affecting our day to day lives.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills to offer advisory services in the area of specialization.
  • Certificate Programmes

    Certificate courses are a stepping stone to acquiring firm foundation for further training in the Science discipline. By the end of the craft course, the trainee should be able to:-

  • Practice hands on laboratory techniques in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Use Analytical skills acquired in industries and research fields.
  • Mode of Delivery

    The mode of delivery is structured coursework, laboratory sessions and industrial attachments in both Certificate and Diploma courses. This is aimed at providing the student with invaluable experiences, knowledge, skills and attitude as they enter the world of work.

    Applied science department has grown rapidly in both students enrolment and staff size. Currently there are over 500 students. The department has 31 qualified trainers; four (4) have PhD’s, fifteen (15) have masters degree while the rest have first degree.

    Equipped Laboratories

    Experienced Trainers

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