Message from The Department of Sport and Games was re-introduced in the year 2009 soon after Mr. Muriuki N. Muriithi took over as the Principal of KIST. Over time, KIST teams have participated in both regional and national games (both athletics and ball games). Our very first outstanding performance was in the year 2010 when our basketball team emerged position TWO from Nairobi region and represented the college in the na­tional ball games that were held at Meru TTI. The following year, 2011, two teams did the institute proud by representing the college at the national ball games that were held at Thika TTI. The teams were Volleyball ladies and Rugby. Rugby did exceptionally well in the nationals after it emerged position THREE nationally during that year. These two teams had qualified from the regional competitions after emerging as position TWO and ONE respectively.

In the year 2012, the performance of KIST in sports im­proved further. During the regional ball games that were held at Kabete TTI, three teams qualified to represent the college in the national ball games that were held at Sigalagala TTI. The teams were Volleyball ladies, Basketball men and Rugby. From the regional games, the teams had qualified at position ONE for volleyball ladies and position 2 for rugby and bas­ketball respectively. At the national level, our volleyball la-dies team finished first runners up overall. This was a very good performance.

Over the last three years, there has been a continual im­provement in the KIST teams’ performance. During the first year i.e. 2010, only one team qualified to the nationals, during the second year (2011), two teams qualified and during the third year (2012), three teams qualified. We look forward to an even better performance from our teams in future.

Available Sports and games at the institute.

We offer a number of sports and games at the institute, re­gional and national levels. These sports / games include; Bas­ketball, Rugby, Handball, Soccer, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Netball, Badminton, Chess, Scrabble, Darts, Tae-Kwon-Do, track and field athletics just to mention but a few. The main focus of this Department is to develop the culture of sports in the students that will keep them healthy and enable them discover their hidden talents.